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In the early days, 3000 BC wind chimes were made from bones of human skeletons.

According to recent reports and research made by archaeologists, it has been found that Wind Chimes were discovered around 5000 years ago. Evidence of this report was found through ancient drawings on rocks.

Also, it was found earlier that older people used to build these Wind Chimes from bones of dead Humans to keep away evil spirits.

Windchimes were used to scare away the evil spirits in China.

Some researches also predict that in the old days, the Chinese people used the sound of the wind chimes produced from human bones to scare away evil spirits and attract good souls who will bring them fortune and wealth.

So, they started hanging these Chinese wind chimes in temples, pagodas, and caves, later around in 1800 BC, this tradition was also adopted by other areas such as Japan and Indonesia, after that other Asian countries started believing and took this tradition.

Today Wind Chimes are famous all around the globe.

Wind chimes used to produce melody tunes in so many Beatles Songs.

The Beatles are one of the most famous music bands from the 60s, and it is interesting to know that out of 211 songs produced from the Beatles most of the songs had to sound from wind chimes used in them.

But the song which made Wind chimes famous was ‘Let It be,’ it became so popular that wind chimes from this name started selling and became a popular collectible for all the Beatles fans.

According to science, the sound from wind chimes creates Zen and Peace in the surroundings

Wind chimes can act as a healing device for the brain and body, the vibrations that are produced from wind chimes are claimed to reduce stress and emotional imbalance in the body.

Also, the positive sounds from the wind chimes promote relaxation and lessen tension & anxiety, which help in improving the overall thinking capability of the Human.