What is a Wind Chime?


In normal terms, wind chime is a type of musical instrument that produces sound through the movement of air.

Many keep a showpiece such as a laughing buddha, hang a dreamcatcher, or some other creative ornament to lighten the environment, or soothe the mood. Wind chimes are one such product.

An elemental Wind Chime usually consists of hollow rods made of different materials hanging by a surface in a way that when they all collide, a soothing melodic sound produces.

The surface of the wind chime could be anything from a flat metal plate to a curved wooden surface or a glass plate, onto which rods & tubes hang in a way that they collide with each other.

These rods can be of so many materials such as wood, bamboo rods, metal rods, glass rods, or they could be an entirely different thing such as bells, rod-shaped stones, or any other object which is hollow inside and can produce a tingling sound.