Where to hang a Windchime ?

Hanging wind chimes is really up to you; they can hang anywhere. You can hang wind chimes at outdoor places as well as indoors.

Some of the most common places to hang Wind chimes are:

  • The entrance of your home: If you are not an electric bell fan, one of the use can be at the entrance door of your home. It can help you in signaling the movement of visitors and, more importantly, circulate positive energy at the entrance of your home.
  • You can hang a metal wind chime over the foot of a staircase as well. It will help in preventing positive energy from rushing down the stairs and out the door.
  • You can even use the wind chime to blast apart the sticky or negative energy due to the clutter.

Other exciting places where you can hang your lovely wind chimes are as follows

Wind chimes can be hung outside in the garden where there is plenty of air, so they make a lot of tingling sound. Or Wind Chimes can hang indoors at the windows, So whenever the wind rushes in, the Indoor Wind Chime will make its soothing sound.

Wind Chimes can also hang in the Balcony or terrace where they can take the full advantage of the Air passing by the outdoor Wind Chime.